Real Estate Guides

Designed perfectly in line with your brand



Appointing Guest Services Worldwide to produce your new local city guide delivers multiple benefits. Your new publication will provide your clients with answers to some of your most frequently asked questions.

Where are the hotspots for property investments?
Where are the best local Schools?
Can you recommend a real estate lawyer?
Who would you suggest I speak to about renovation?
Which interior designers can help us maximise our rental yield?

You can also place our publications strategically around your area as a great branding exercise where they will be seen by your target customer demographic.



Promote all your services and showcase your business to high net worth and ultra-high net worth individuals. Reach them with your message at the exact time when they are proactively seeking a property, and while interior design and renovation are at the forefront of their mind.


Despite the highly targeted and perfectly timed distribution of our guides, our pricing strategy is set to ensure that for 90% of our clients just one or two customers generated from your campaign will provide you see a handsome return on your advertising investment. Contact our sales team for rates and availability.


Having a high quality preferred network is key to any Real Estate Agent, if you offer your clients what they are looking for, they will have a fantastic experience with you and are sure to return. We work closely with all our Real Estate Partners to select a number of key luxury businesses to feature on the guide ensuring your clients are getting a service above and beyond their highest exppectations.

We select a range of businesses from Architects, Luxury Interior Designers, High-End Furniture Stores to compliment your guides. This ensures your finished publication acts as a register of the very best your city has to offer, and your clients have all the partners they need to personalise and add value to their new home.

Before we approach any local businesses to feature in our publication, we discuss with the real estate team to make sure we are meeting the needs of all parties. We ask what services are your buyers and sellers looking for? Who are the most respected and reputable businesses offering these services? Which companies can you entrust to look after your client and give them the same level of service they would expect from you?