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We Are The Trusted Supplier Of Bereavement Guides To Funeral Homes Across Australia, America and Europe

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Bespoke Branded Bereavement Guides


Bereavement Guides

We design, print and deliver Bereavement Guides directly to your funeral home.

We partner with funeral homes who aspire to unlock the unique value of their brand and reputation in their respective communities. Through collaboration and in-depth consultation, we deliver beautifully bound funeral and pre-planning guides that are bespoke and branded to your funeral home.

We know listening is the most crucial part of the process. We believe meeting, discussing face to face and understanding a client’s vision and objectives are incredibly important. It allows us to get a personal feel for the project, something that isn’t easily communicated in a written brief or email. Meeting clients to discuss the project in-depth ultimately results in some of our best work and relationships.

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Why Should You Partner With Us

Quality & Experience

We have many years of experience in both design and production of bereavement guides. With our in-house design and marketing teams, your publications will be second to none.

Trusted & Proven

Guest Services work with 100's of funeral homes, with our portfolio growing daily. We ensure your information is always up to date and relevant to every publication.

Zero Cost To Your Business

We design, print and ship the bereavement guides to you completely free of charge. There will never be a cost to your funeral home, making Guest Services a perfect partner.